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Ducted Air Con Installation

In the world of commercial enterprises, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers is paramount. Recently, our team executed a seamless air con installation tailored for a commercial showroom, setting the stage for comfort and enhancing the overall customer experience.

The installation comprised of a ducted system, strategically chosen for its myriad advantages in commercial settings. Ducted air conditioning offers a discreet solution, integrating seamlessly within the infrastructure of a commercial showroom or shop. Installed within ceilings, walls, or floors, the ductwork remains concealed, ensuring a polished aesthetic while maintaining the functionality of the cooling system.

One of the primary benefits of a ducted system lies in its ability to provide uniform cooling throughout the entire space. In a showroom environment where foot traffic fluctuates and various zones require consistent temperature control, ducted air conditioning delivers optimal comfort without compromising on energy efficiency. By distributing conditioned air evenly, it mitigates hot spots and ensures that every corner of the showroom remains comfortable to visitors.

The inconspicuous nature of ducted air conditioning contributes to a tranquil ambiance within the showroom. In addition, the quiet operation fosters an environment conducive to customer engagement.

Beyond enhancing comfort, effective air conditioning plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall perception of a commercial space. By maintaining an optimal temperature, the showroom cultivates an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to linger, explore, and ultimately, make purchasing decisions. In a competitive retail landscape, where the quality of the shopping experience can influence brand loyalty, investing in superior air conditioning is a strategic imperative.

Unit Specifications: Mitsubishi Electric City Multi

Suitable for medium to large buildings that demand high performance with optimum efficiency, the City Multi VRF range can run numerous indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

As a result of increased external static pressure, the VRF Indoor Unit allows authentic duct air conditioning within the strictest aesthetic confines. In this install we used the ceiling ducted option to allow unobstructed air conditioning to the showroom.

Quote For Ducted Air Con Installation

Cold Control prides itself on delivering tailored solutions for all your air conditioning needs, whether it's for your commercial showroom, shop, office, or home. When it comes to ducted air con installation, our process begins with an assessment of your space and cooling requirements. Our experienced team conducts a site survey to understand the layout, size, and specific cooling demands of your premises. With this information we provide a tailored quote for your premises.


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