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VRV Air Con Installation

Cold Control was contracted to install air conditioning in a contemporary block of flats, ensuring optimal comfort and energy efficiency for the residents. The project encompassed the reception area, gym, top floor communal work space and kitchen area. The solution chosen for this installation was a VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) system, known for its flexibility, efficiency, and advanced technology.

A VRV system is a technology that adjusts the refrigerant volume in the system based on the precise cooling or heating needs of each zone. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems that have a single, fixed-speed compressor, a VRV system utilises multiple compressors that can vary their speed. This allows for simultaneous heating and cooling in different areas, providing a customised climate control solution for diverse spaces within a building.

One of the primary advantages of the VRV system is its energy efficiency. By modulating the refrigerant flow, the system only consumes the energy necessary to maintain the desired temperature in each zone. This results in significant energy savings and reduces operational costs over time. Additionally, VRV systems are designed to be scalable and flexible, making them ideal for large, multi-zone buildings such as modern blocks of flats.

VRV Installation Process

The installation process for the VRV system by Cold Control began with an assessment of the building’s layout and cooling requirements. This involved site surveys and consultation with the building’s management team to ensure that all specific needs and preferences were addressed. Following the assessment, the design phase commenced, where Cold Control’s engineers mapped out the optimal placement of indoor and outdoor units to ensure efficient and unobtrusive operation.

In the reception area, the installation of discreet ducted units was prioritised to maintain the aesthetic appeal while providing consistent cooling. These units were integrated into the ceiling design, ensuring a welcoming and comfortable environment for residents and visitors alike.

For the gym, ducted units were selected to provide robust and reliable cooling, essential for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere during workouts. The VRV system's ability to precisely control the temperature ensured that the gym remained comfortable regardless of external weather conditions or the number of occupants.

The smaller kitchen area used a wall-mounted unit to provide additional cooling as needed.

Throughout the installation process, Cold Control adhered to strict timelines and quality standards, minimising disruption to the residents. The project was completed efficiently, with all systems thoroughly tested to ensure optimal performance. The installation of the VRV system not only enhanced the building’s comfort and functionality but also contributed to its sustainability, aligning with modern standards of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The project showcased Cold Control’s commitment to delivering advanced solutions tailored to the specific needs of each space, ensuring long-term satisfaction and energy efficiency.


Installation Specifications:

Daikin FXDQ-A3 Slim Concealed Ceiling Units

Daikin FXAQ-A Wall Mounted

Daikin FXNQ-A Concealed Floor Standing Unit

Daikin VRV IV+ Condensing Units


Residential & Commercial Air Con Installs

At Cold Control Air Con, our team excels in both domestic and commercial installations. With years of experience, we ensure precise and efficient solutions tailored to each setting, delivering optimal comfort and reliability for homes and businesses alike.


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