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Domestic Split AC installation

In a recent domestic project, our team executed a seamless installation of two Daikin Perfera wall-mounted split air conditioning units, enhancing the comfort and aesthetics of a residence. The choice of Daikin Perfera units reflects a commitment to quality and energy efficiency, ensuring optimal climate control for the two designated rooms.

To ensure a harmonious integration with the client's exterior, we selected matching ducting to complement the clients cladding. Our installation team prioritised precision and attention to detail, ensuring that the units were strategically placed to maximise airflow and optimise performance. This approach not only guarantees an even distribution of conditioned air but also minimises energy consumption, aligning with the client's desire for an environmentally conscious solution. The successful installation of these state-of-the-art units not only meets the functional requirements, they compliment the interior and exterior elements of the client's home.

Domestic Split AC System Installation Specification:

Unit: Daikin Perfera

  • All-in-one heating and cooling unit purifies the air year round. Using electrons to trigger chemical reactions with air molecules, the Flash Streamer breaks down moulds, viruses or NOx, leaving you with perfect, allergen-free air.

  • Wall mounted unit Attractive, wall mounted design with perfect indoor air quality

  • Seasonal efficiency values up to A+++ in cooling and heating thanks to its up-to-date technology and built-in intelligence.

  • Practically inaudible: the unit runs so quietly, you will almost forget it is there.

  • Fresher, cleaner air thanks to Daikin’s Flash Streamer technology: you can breathe deep with no worries about impure air

  • 2-area intelligent eye: air flow is sent to a zone other than where the person is located at that moment; if no people are detected, the unit will automatically switch over to the energy-efficient setting.

  • 3D air flow combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing to circulate a stream of warm or cool air right to the corners of even large spaces.

  • Online controller (optional): control your indoor from any location with an app, via your local network or internet and keep an overview on your energy consumption

  • Sleek, unobtrusive air conditioning unit

  • Lower energy consumption thanks to its high energy efficiency

Domestic split AC Quote

Choosing the right air conditioning system is crucial for creating a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, and optimising energy efficiency.

Daikin wall-mounted air conditioning units include space-saving design, easy installation, energy efficiency, individual zone control, quiet operation, improved indoor air quality, remote control functionality, and cost-effectiveness. These features make the split wall-mounted units an appealing choice for cooling or heating specific areas, providing users with both comfort and convenience.

With over 30 years of experience, Cold Control specialises in domestic split ac installation. Rely on us as your trusted partner throughout the process. If you require professional home air conditioning installation services, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us promptly, and our knowledgeable sales and design team will conduct a complimentary survey to assess your property's needs and assist you in selecting the most suitable system.

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Glenn Washington
Glenn Washington
Jul 04

Fantastic job by the HVAC Contractor Davie company! They explained everything clearly, from the installation process to how to operate the AC. The team was courteous, and the split AC is working great.

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