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Future Proof Your Office Air Con

This recent project at a commercial premises involved decommissioning an aging AC system and replacing it with a modern, efficient setup that not only improved the indoor climate but also future-proofed the building for the client's evolving needs.

One of the key features of this installation was the installation of a split system in the open-plan office area. This split system not only provided immediate cooling and heating solutions but also had the flexibility for the client to divide the open-plan space in the future, ensuring adaptability for changing workspace requirements. This forward-thinking approach demonstrated our dedication to meeting our client's long-term needs.

The heart of the new system comprised two Daikin Compact Roundflow Cassettes, which are known for their excellent performance and even air distribution. These cassettes were complemented by an upgraded outdoor condenser unit, which improved overall energy efficiency and system reliability. In addition, we paid attention to the aesthetics by installing a décor panel, ensuring that the system seamlessly blended with the interior design of the office.

Our attention to detail didn't stop there. When the client mentioned that the infrared controller for their existing system had gone missing, we went the extra mile to source a replacement, ensuring that they had complete control over their climate preferences.

Cold Control's dedication to delivering high-quality air conditioning solutions, our focus on energy efficiency, and our ability to anticipate our client's future needs were all showcased in this recent installation. We are proud to have provided our client with a reliable and energy-efficient HVAC system that not only enhances their working environment but also adapts to their changing requirements.

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