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Air Con For Bedrooms

Choosing the Right Air Conditioning for Your Bedroom

As the temperatures rise, finding the perfect air conditioning solution for your bedroom becomes essential for a good night's sleep. With various options available, it's crucial to understand the types of air conditioning systems suitable for bedrooms, their pros and cons, and common questions regarding installation and usage.

Can you put an AC unit in a bedroom?

Yes, you can install an air conditioning unit in a bedroom. The choice of unit depends on factors like room size, budget, and personal preferences. Portable air conditioners are popular choices for quick installation, while floor mounted, wall mounted or ducted split and multi split systems offer more permanent, space saving and quieter solutions.

Types of air con for bedrooms:

Split Air Conditioning Systems:

Split air conditioners are a popular option due to their cost-effectiveness, scalability and efficient, noiseless operation compared to portable air conditioners.  Split systems offer a variety of options:

Floor Mounted:

Pros: Energy-efficient, quiet operation, easy installation.

Cons: Impact on low level wall space.

Wall Mounted:

Pros: Energy-efficient, quiet operation, space saving, multiple colour options.

Cons: Impact on wall space.

Ducted Air Conditioning System:

Pros: Energy-efficient, quiet operation, can be discreetly installed in your loft or false ceilings.

Cons: Higher upfront costs, requires accessible loft/ceiling space.

Portable Air Conditioners:

Pros: Portable, no installation required.

Cons: May be noisy, less efficient than other types, limited cooling capacity. Take up floor space.

Typically require bulky hose to vent through a window (if not sealed can decrease efficiency of cooling).

Sound, space, aesthetics & efficiency

Ducted central air conditioning systems necessitate the installation of ductwork within existing walls and an outdoor compressor. While these units are effective in cooling your entire house, including the bedroom, they do demand a larger initial investment.  If you just require air conditioning in your bedroom and want a quiet, energy efficient option, consider a wall mounted or floor mounted split system.

Do portable air conditioners work in a bedroom?

Portable air conditioners can effectively cool a bedroom, but their efficiency may vary based on the unit's capacity and the room size. They are convenient for renters or those who don't want a permanent installation. However, they typically produce more noise compared to other options and take up valuable floor space.

How much does it cost to install an aircon in a bedroom?

The cost of installing an air conditioning unit in a bedroom depends on the type of system chosen. Check out our air conditioning price guide, which includes installation costs:

What size air conditioner do you need in a bedroom?

Typically, in the UK bedrooms are medium size, making a compact wall mounted air conditioner the most appropriate choice. However, it's essential to calculate the square footage to determine the necessary BTU (British Thermal Unit). Typically, for most bedrooms, a unit ranging from 5,000 to 8,000 BTU is deemed suitable. Our sales and design team will carry out a free survey to recommend the appropriate unit for your room size and provide guidance on where to place the unit.

Need air conditioning for your bedroom?

Selecting the right air conditioning unit for your bedroom involves considering factors such as budget, installation requirements, and personal preferences. Whether you choose a portable AC, split system, or ductless mini-split, achieving a comfortable sleep environment is essential for a restful night. Keep in mind the recommended temperature range and explore options that best suit your needs to enjoy cool, refreshing sleep during warmer months.

If you're seeking home air conditioning solutions, don't hesitate to reach out to us today. Our sales and design team will carry out a free survey to assist you in choosing the optimal system for your property.


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