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Concealed Floor Standing AC Units

In our latest air conditioning project, we implemented a three-way multi-split ac system, ensuring comprehensive coverage for every room in the house.   Daikin  concealed floor standing units were chosen for this property. Subsequently, the client arranged for custom casing to be constructed, ensuring the units seamlessly integrate with the interior design of the house post-installation.

The three-way split stands out as an efficient and versatile solution, offering the capability to cool multiple rooms simultaneously. This type of system is an extension of the traditional split AC and is designed to enhance comfort while providing flexibility in managing the temperature of different spaces within a home or office.  

How Many Rooms Can a Multi-Split AC System Cool? 

A traditional split air conditioning system typically consists of one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit. This setup is suitable for cooling a single room or a specific area. However, when the need arises to cool multiple separate rooms, a three-way split AC system becomes a viable and practical option. This configuration allows for the installation of three indoor units, each connected to a single outdoor unit. The flexibility of this design enables the independent control of temperatures in each room, providing personalized comfort to the occupants. 

Advantages of a Three-Way Split AC System: 

Individual Zone Control: 

One of the primary advantages of a three-way split AC system is the ability to control each indoor unit independently. This means that different rooms can have different temperature settings, catering to the specific comfort preferences of the occupants. This individual zone control not only enhances comfort but also contributes to energy efficiency by avoiding unnecessary cooling in unoccupied spaces. 

Space-saving Design:

Unlike traditional central air conditioning systems, a three-way split AC system does not require extensive ductwork. The indoor units can be strategically placed in each room without the need for complex installations. This space-saving design is particularly advantageous for homes or offices with limited space or those where ductwork is impractical. 


While installing multiple single-split AC units for each room is an option, a three-way split AC system can be more cost-effective. The shared outdoor unit reduces the overall installation and maintenance costs compared to installing individual outdoor units for each indoor unit. This makes it an economical choice for cooling multiple rooms. 

Energy Efficiency: 

The ability to cool only the rooms that are in use contributes to higher energy efficiency. With individual zone control, occupants can turn off the AC in unoccupied rooms, reducing energy consumption. Additionally, the advanced technology in three-way split AC systems often includes energy-saving features, further optimising efficiency. 

Quiet Operation: 

Multi-split AC systems are known for their quiet operation. The noise generated by the outdoor unit is distributed among multiple indoor units, resulting in lower overall sound levels. This makes them suitable for both residential and commercial settings where quiet operation is desired. 

Unit Specification: Daikin Concealed Floor Standing Unit 

  • Combination with split outdoor units is ideal for small retail, offices or residential applications 

  • Blends unobtrusively with any interior décor: only the suction and discharge grills are visible 

  • Its low height (620mm) enables the unit to fit perfectly beneath a window 

  • Requires very little installation space as the depth is only 200mm 

  • High ESP allows flexible installation 

Multi Split Concealed Floor Standing Units 

It's essential to consider the cooling capacity an ac system, and the layout of the space when determining the number of rooms a multi-split AC system can effectively cool. Proper sizing and installation are crucial to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. 

The three-way split air conditioning system offers a practical and efficient solution for cooling multiple rooms within a home or office. With individual zone control, cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, space-saving design, and quiet operation, it addresses the diverse needs of occupants while providing flexibility in temperature management. 

Floor-standing concealed systems offer straightforward and efficient air conditioning for perimeter zones. With a slim depth these units provide unobtrusive yet highly efficient performance and are easy to install. 

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