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Signs Your Commercial Refrigeration Needs Repair

It's important to regularly inspect commercial refrigeration units like walk-in freezers and undercounter fridges for any signs of problems. Addressing issues promptly helps maintain food safety and avoid unnecessary downtime.

Here are some common signs that your commercial refrigeration may need repair :

Inconsistent Temperatures:

Fluctuations outside the safe storage range could mean issues with the refrigeration system's controls or cooling components.

Unusual Noises:

Loud or strange sounds from the refrigeration unit may point to mechanical problems like a faulty compressor or fan.

Excessive Frost Build up:

More than normal ice accumulation, could mean a defrost system issue, blocked drain or shortage of refrigerant.

Water Leakage:

Puddles or moisture inside the unit may be from a blocked drain or damaged water line requiring repair.

Faster Food Spoilage:

Food not keeping as long suggests the unit isn't maintaining proper temperatures.


Persistent smells even after cleaning could mean mould growth from improper temperature control.

Visible Damage:

Inspect doors, gaskets and surfaces for cracks, dents or excessive wear impacting performance.

Door Seal Issues:

Check for an airtight seal to prevent warm air entering and temperature fluctuations.

Constant Operation:

A unit running non-stop may have controls or refrigeration system problems.

Commercial Refrigeration - Professional Assistance

Complex commercial refrigeration issues require the expertise of a qualified service technician. They can accurately diagnose potential mechanical or electrical faults and perform repairs to return your unit to safe and efficient operation. Don't risk further damage or downtime from DIY repairs. For a service assessment or to discuss preventative maintenance, please contact us.

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