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AHU Unit

Low Temperature Internal Air Handling Unit

We are currently building 20 new twin fan AHU units (Air Handling Units) for a client that hires equipment on an industrial scale. The 50kW low temperature AHU units are specifically designed for low temperature applications down to an air off temperature of -20°C*.

What are AHU’s?

AHUs are essentially large metal boxes containing various components such as fans, filters, heating and cooling coils, dampers, and control systems. They work by drawing in outside air, filtering and conditioning it, and then distributing it throughout the building. This process helps maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, whether it's a hospital, office, factory, or any other facility.

The importance of AHUs lies not only in maintaining a pleasant indoor climate but also in energy efficiency. Modern AHUs are designed to optimize energy consumption by recovering heat or coolness from exhaust air, thus reducing overall energy costs. Additionally, they contribute to sustainability efforts by improving air quality and reducing the environmental impact of buildings.

AHU Unit Design & Build

Amidst the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic, our team embarked on a challenge to create a vital solution: Air Handling Units (AHUs) tailored to support hospitals and mortuaries. This project began with the development of a prototype, which transitioned into full-scale production. To date, we have built more than 40 units for our client.

These specialized AHUs are engineered for swift deployment, finding essential roles in institutions like hospitals, where they address breakdowns or accommodate temporary structures. For added versatility, they can be seamlessly linked to water chillers, providing expansive air conditioning capabilities.

To ensure mobility and safeguarding, our coolers are securely encased within custom-built frames, meeting our client's precise requirements. Moreover, we are responsible for designing and installing the control panels to manage the AHUs' operation, allowing seamless switching between chiller and freezer modes.

Air Handling Units Benefits:

· 50kW Low Temp Air Handler Hire

· Environmentally Friendly

· Variable speed options

· Condensate pump option

· Easy Installation, plug and play

· Easy, quick release water connections

· Simple Electrical Connections

· Easy to use control system

AHU Ventilation Solutions

Air Handling Units (AHUs) are vital components of commercial and industrial buildings. These devices play a crucial role in ensuring indoor air quality, temperature control, and ventilation in a variety of applications including:

· Hospitals

· Factories

· Large scale air conditioning

· Warehousing

· Food preparation areas

· Food storage

· Transportation depots

· Process cooling

· Events & Exhibitions

· Supermarkets

· Cold storage facilities

· Food processing

· Industrial buildings

Where is an AHU located?

Air Handling Units (AHUs) are typically positioned within the building's floors, roof, or basement. Where appropriate, multiple smaller AHUs can be distributed across various sections of the facility for enhanced ventilation and climate control.

To discuss your AHU requirements get in touch with the Cold Control team:


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